Double L Transport, Inc.

History of Double L Transport, Inc.

In 1978 Dennis and Dori Loepp moved to Turpin, OK from Cincinnati, OH bringing with them one tractor/trailer unit remaining from the small business Dennis operated in Ohio. The intention was to use the unit on the family farm on which he grew up but by May 1979 there were two tractor/trailer units and a corporation was formed. Originally there were four shareholders Ron and Vivian Leupp of Freeport, IL and Dennis and Dori Loepp, Turpin, OK. In April 1988 Dennis and Dori Loepp became the sole shareholders of the corporation. In the beginning the company hauled grain in the local area with hopper-bottom trailers. Over the years, the company diversified and added specialty trailers designed to auger feed into overhead bins, liquid trailers to haul liquid fertilizer and van trailers to haul bagged feed. Serving the agricultural industry has been the focus of the company. Another focus has been to maintain top-notch equipment and hire local drivers.

Double L Transport, Inc. is proud of its driver staff. Eighty percent of the current drivers have been with the company an average of ten years or more. Drivers are home every night and enjoy ninety five percent of their weekends at home. Several years ago drivers who had been with the company more than five years were given the opportunity to lease/purchase the truck they were driving. Currently the company has three owner-operators as a result of this offer.

In terms of equipment maintenance, the company has a full-time mechanic who has been on staff since l993. He takes great pride in keeping the equipment in top-notch shape.

A full-time dispatcher is on staff. The current dispatcher has been with the company since 2004.

For several years the company operated 25 tractors and served a larger area traveling regularly in 9 states. Today (2015) the company is smaller with 13 tractors, 7 hopper-bottom trailers, 8 auger trailers, 2 paddle trailers, 2 van trailers, 3 liquid trailers and 1 flatbed and works locally.

The company developed a mission statement very early in its history and continually attempts to honor it.
                                                   MISSION STATEMENT

     To provide the best service possible to our customers.

     To work together to have the best work place environment possible.

     To work together to be profitable and positive as individuals and as a company.

     To do all of these things safely.
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